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Reviews for "PEAR"

Creative, Bold and Sexy

A good flash artist AND a good musician.... IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN'T DO??!?
Oh and the song sounds like a REALLY dark guitar solo combined with old NES synths plus a old timie sounding synth. The concept is really interesting and bold. In the words of Borat "nice, Very nice"


holy crap

i'm really thinking about buying your cd after hearing some of these songs

DanPaladin responds:

thanks :)

sounds more industrial than indie...

...but I dunno if there is that category...in any case, I really liked this...took me off guard in the beginning but then got me hooked into it...it's catchy...reminds me of something I'd hear for a Jhonen Vasquez animation :P

if you get a chance, check out my song and give me some feedback. I'd love to hear an honest opinion from a talent such as yourself :)

Dan, I'm must say...

That I'm really jealous of your composition skills. You're a great influence though, and I've been trying to get better. I just hope you're doing the music for Castle Crashers.

DanPaladin responds:

thanks man. i'm not doing music for castle crashers. i think i'd die from the workload :)


techno polka...interesting