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Reviews for "PEAR"

Why don't you?

Make more music? You're extremely good at it.... frankly if you made a CD I'd prolley buy it.

DanPaladin responds:

thanks!! i do have a CD! you can get it off iTunes or http://www.cdbaby.com/danpaladin


Yeah Honestly? This is pure genious. Instant buy.

A good listen!

To me, the electric guitar feels kind of unnecessary, but then again it's also what makes this song individual, so whatever. All I can see when I listen to this is a person digging deeper and deeper into a mine, which is why I like your music: all of your songs create one specific image in my head*. In fact, I think that's why these songs remind me of videogames, and by proxy is why I like video-game music.

Keep it up!

*you could argue that music in general does this, but I think that far too many songs create vague blobs. then again, I have a more visual side to my listening, so MEH.

Two Thumbs Way Up

Ps. are they making or going to make a Castle Crashers CD? if so where can i buy it?

reminds me of nightmare before christmas...

...by Tim Burton. this song works well on all levels