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Reviews for "PEAR"

This is witchcraft!

You made the taste of pear appear (lol, a-pear) in my mouth!


nothing mind blowing, but it is interesting. I just have one question, what was the thought behind naming it "PEAR"?

sounded good

Good job here Dan, really liked this piece. Though I really liked how you made an Indie song, with video game elements, which is something that I've never heard before and dont even think it's been done before, you made it sound very catchy and, for lack of a better word cool, good job with that. The melody here was good as well, very catchy and ear-pleasing, not to mention unique because it was an indie thrash melody with video game elements added, good job. 5/5 from me man, keep up the good work! :)

DanPaladin responds:

respect! yeah, the mix was hard to get working, lol.. i'll have more music one day, but i have no idea when.

More good stuff!

While I didn't find this that memorable (at least not in comparison to a lot of other songs) I enjoyed it quite much, and it had a very nice tune to go along with it.


i really enjoyed it!
but everytime i hear it i feel disappointed at the end, its as though i was expecting more. although when i remember back into the song it fits relly well so i dont know why i get this feeling (maybe its because im sad that its ended...) have you tried making the ending sound louded maybe with somesort of bell clanging sort of sound?

its good without though.
fantastic - 5/5 10/10