Reviews for "Shikaka!"

Hilarious Interpretation

I loved the Ace Ventura movies, and this brings back some pretty cool memories. That glare that he does... it's classic.

"Shawshank Redemption"
"Shika...GO! [chicago] That's it, you're outta here!"


That's superb, I hope you won something for this.

Alllllllrighttyyy Then!

Beautiful rendition, Nekow.

I've always been envious of your ability to use darks and contrast to really make your art "pop." Also, being one of the best characters of all time helps out quite a deal! I really like how you can see the papers lines through the red spot in the background, but not through Ace himself, its gives some good dimension to it. The shirt design is done very well, and it was definitely a good choice to put a warm color in the background that offsets the bright blues.

Give us more you talented painter, you.

Nekow responds:

Saurus you are awesome, thanks!


But that is rather awesome ;D

Nekow responds:

You have a good taste in art.


this guy was my hero growing up (still is lol) nice job the blood on the backgrounds a nice touch

Nekow responds:

Thanks for the score. It doesn't always have to be blood if it's red, just saying.