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Reviews for "Spirits"

Hey there,

regarding idiots - worry only about constructive criticism, anything else doesn't matter :) If you differ from the norm in some way, even a tiny bit, people will always point it out, some even attack, so it goes in this world

regarding the song - that synth that comes in 2:06 feels too bright, other than that it's mixed well, musically it's super nice, the arrangement flows smoothly and the variety of sounds keeps me entertained whole time

Keep it up :)

Awesome deep song ! =)

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you for the positivity! I will be using your artwork soon!

I love this song, god job. It's not fun beeing depressed, I was depressed one time. So I know how it feels to be deppressed.

Teckmo-X responds:

I really tried my best to make it pleasant. It originally was gonna end up being synthwave but I'm glad you like it. Depression is always there but I won't let it take away what I love to do.

I like the ghostly lead at the beginning and the airy riff at :14. The pulsing synth bass is a nice way of keeping a sense of energy and drive in the texture too. I was a little thrown off when it seems to duck under the mix at :43, but it seems like that's intentional. I'm loving the majestic harmonies at around 1:25, and also the catchy lead riff at 2:20. The flow of the piece is really smooth, and I like how it comes full-circle by the 4-minute mark. Overall, it's a fun and catchy piece with a neat atmosphere and solid mixing.

I'm extremely sorry to hear about your assault, and I wasn't aware that this was the reason for the late submission. I'll discuss with the judges about making an exception for you. Clearly the late submission wasn't your fault. That said, I'd also encourage you to prioritize taking care of yourself over participating in the NGUAC - mental health comes first. If you ever need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Teckmo-X responds:

This review made me feel like I had finally accomplished something and this time did it right. I didn't get to fully mix and master it like I wanted to but I tried to rush as much of it as I could to make the deadline. This review also gave me light to what I'd say an improvement from all my other work. I thank you for your time and kindness to listen and comment.

I apologize for my late submission. As for my health I am doing much better and undergoing a speedy recovery. This isn't the first time it's happened (last time was worse and life threatening). I get harassed quite often because I''m transgender but I continue to stay positive about things. I'm just grateful to be okay. I thank you for your concern. If you'd have any questions or would like more info please don't be afraid to ask me in private.I'm a very open person.

really fun song to listen to, I have no idea why but it just vibes for me. I really enjoy listening to it, and it's super chill. I also have a deep love for that synth, big thumbs up from me.

Teckmo-X responds:

I admire your passion for the melodies I compose. I hope that with passing time I continue to fill your heart with beautiful melodies to sooth the soul. Thank you!