Reviews for "Pleasure Cruise"

I'm fed up of these racist Southamericans

I sort of liked El Mono Mario when it first came out, and let my friends know about Mario The Monkey.

This is just disgusting. Racism is just wrong, but even worse when it comes from people in some Southamerican country taking the piss out of other Southamericans.

Just blam this. Racist, sexist and done for profit.

Guys, this is not some bloke making flash, this a 30-strong company using Newgrounds to promote their services.

Hate mario the monkey

This was the gratest flash series in Argentina (i used to love it) but then they started SELLING the episodes in USA, theyre just a bunch of fucking bitches


...this movie tries to do way to much. not to mention the crappy voice acting. so in the future try not to suck.


it didnt even work damn it