Reviews for "Pleasure Cruise"

Dun dun DUUU~UUUN!

Mario's a real dick, ain't he? You've got the obligatory foil characters (i.e. buddies with polarized personalities) down pat, and with good sound and smooth animation to boot. Looking forward to the second half.


mario ...hehehe what a badass keep up the funny stuff


DUDE I LOVE ALL OF YOUR ANIMATIONS!!! You are one of the best animators on newgrounds!!! man I did the dumest thing! I ment to click on 5 to vote but I clicked the dang 0!!! AHH SORRY!! Im dumb sometimes!!! im not awake!

Nicely done!

I didn't find this particularly funny or interesting, but I could tell that you put a lot of effort into this, and it shows! The graphics and sound were better than most other flashes I've seen in a while.