Reviews for "Pleasure Cruise"

Another excellent submission

This movie has it all. Great plot, graphics, animation, sound, character development, etc. Keep up the great work.

U keep getting better

Ok most memorable moment was on what a crazy bitch when he had sex on the table while he was playing cards :P Now its when he the man tells the story because I see Mario believe in superstition.I dunno keep up the good work I wonder when the next movie is coming out but make it soon :D

Good yet again....

mario the monkey only gets better and better.....Ive watched all of them soo far and they're getting better and better and better....

this is a great movie watch it

i hope there will be a very good sequel to it


Not exactly the target audience if you're trying to get some business... not likely to get alot of horny 10-15 year olds looking to hire you for a project, which is the bulk of the New Grounds population, but some older people do occasionally come by New Grounds. Mainly just the good authors.