Reviews for "Pleasure Cruise"


the animation was well done but the whole story/plot was just there... meh...

I love the art style.

Man I f@cking hate greyhound busses. Overall, funny.


Pretty good, I can understand his dilema, Grey Hound buses are fucking annoying to drive on.


here Mr. Madio =P

I'm fed up of these racist Southamericans

I sort of liked El Mono Mario when it first came out, and let my friends know about Mario The Monkey.

This is just disgusting. Racism is just wrong, but even worse when it comes from people in some Southamerican country taking the piss out of other Southamericans.

Just blam this. Racist, sexist and done for profit.

Guys, this is not some bloke making flash, this a 30-strong company using Newgrounds to promote their services.