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Reviews for "Megaman X vs. Link (dbt)"

i hate link wait to go megaman

nice work, but if i was fight megaman i would kick his ass by hittin the reset on the game


It was pretty good. The battle went together very well. Keep up the good work!!

Nice Job

Thought that was kinda funny doing the Game Over parody but as Mega Man. I hope the next on is just as good.

Her head fell off!


That was good, make more.

P.s. Altered Beast and Sonic? Altered beast rocks!

*wise fwom your gwave!*


This movie was funny!!! Special that part with Zelda!!
Maybe you could make: Megaman X vs SuperMario?
That would be fun

Cactaur-Jack responds:

I'v had some sugjestioins for that but i'm thinkin of a story line for it... but comeing soon, or late, Altered beast and sonic