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Reviews for "Megaman X vs. Link (dbt)"

It's good. I favor both ppl but i like link better

Hmmm, link_never_lost only favors one hero; guess which one it is? This is good cause u have 2 heros fighting each other, finally something different from sonic vs mario (20 different movies AHHH)gj on the flash, dont take any bullshit from these other guys.

Cactaur-Jack responds:

well thanks for the complament, but i Am makeing a MMX vs sonic, but im adding my own blend of comic relief to it so don't worry

I basicly dont like any film that makes link die!

didnt like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cactaur-Jack responds:

ok, you didn't like it only cuz your link's bum buddy and a bitch needs to stand by his man, Am I right?

*laughs so hard it is not heard*

you are the best at theses dude. I encourage you to do more... maybe agianst inu-yasha *wink*

Better than the first!

The story was great and it was funnier than the original! I liked how you used the Final Fantasy 1 battle encounter sound!

I like both Megaman and Link

I liked this alot, but I didn't want either to die. I like them both. But great job on it and keep it up!