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Reviews for "Megaman X vs. Link (dbt)"

They just get better and better!

Excellent, truly excellent. I like the 'game over, return of Sigma' bit, I've played Zelda II and gotten game over. Nice NES (or SNES, whatever I'm not an old school gamer) world map Megaman. My favourite bit is when Megaman collects Link's head and it plays Triforce music. However, the fight is too short. But hey, it would be! It's space ranger w/ blaster cannon vs. elf thing w/magic to turn him into a fairy and a 2-inch long sword!

Preety Cool.

I like the part when Megaman X teleport to the castle and step on the princess and his head separe of his body.

Funny one! 8D 8), :D :), =D =).

Make one like Mega man X Vs F zero X(C.Falcon)
Or maybe one like Mega man x Vs. Fox(Star fox).

(i know i'm just giving stupid ideas).


EXCELLANT WORK, that was so funny, what's next X vs Snake (Metal Gear Soild), X vs Master Cheif (Halo), X vs Cloud (Final Fantasy VII, Tactics, Kindom Hearts), keep it up man, and nice loss Live spoof.

Finally a good flash i can brag about

These graphics aren't the best, but they sure do a good job of passing the story along. Humorous dialog, and violence keep this flash alive. Link and megaman are both legends in video games and i'm glad somebody put them together to have a brawl, with a story. Good job dude, you're a lifesaver from the crap i reviewed in the past.

All of your flash movies are funny

Your MegaManX VS series is funny u gotta make more my favorite part was when X got a million of the dancing things

Cactaur-Jack responds:

Dancing THINGS?! Go back to NES school, learn something, It's TOADMAN!