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Reviews for "Megaman X vs. Link (dbt)"


here is more things about Megaman x vs. sonic

1. If you tried to make sonic say the goku's blasting line it's ka me ha man ka haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! not ma ma HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
2. Even if he's blue sonic can still fight.
sorry if me telling you things about megaman x vs. sonic is getting on your nerves.

Cactaur-Jack responds:

um ok, but this is Link, not sonic


That was alright... I guess

Lol that was gay megaman came back to life

Dude cableguy72 link is supposed to look weid that is the old link from the nintendo games on the old nintendo so yea but i liked it tho was really good funny as hell when megaman got hit by the bomb

This Is The Most Kick-Ass Link & Megaman Fight

It`s Very Funny, But More Funny Than Awsome Plus Link Looks A Little Weird, but Megaman Should Fight Someone A Little More Cool Than That Weird Link, Like Donkey Kong,or Shadow, or Possibly Bowser (from Mario).

Cactaur-Jack responds:

Thanks for the clarification, I thought you meant Bowser form Sha na na

I Love It.

Well, I liked that megaman won, because I hate that link. That was the only Zelda Game that sucked, but good work.