Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"

You've found it.

You've got my foot tapping.
You've used my faveorite game of ALL TIME.
You've used a really fast beat.
Sure it's a remix but it's of my favorite game.
It still has the spirit of the game.
You've found my weakness.

This is my favorite game of ALL TIME despite my name. Super Mario RPG 1996 Super Nintendo. AND my favorite level too.

too fast but very good

Sound:A electric guitar, pretty good, it´s too fast, but it´s very good, one of my favorites:D
Sonido:Una guitarra eléctrica, muy bien, es muy rápida, pero muy buena, uno de mis favoritos:D


you have no idea how bad i've wanted this song to sound like that! love the speed! personal favorite all around. your remix inspired me to get an account on newgrounds to write a review! i can only ask that you make more SMRPG remixs!


i love it!

super mario rpawesome

0this song is so cool and i luv how it goes from slow speed to very techo-y speed :P good job!