Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"




Your song brings me back to the olden days that a cherish soo much plus id love to fine or be able to view a guitar tab or tha bass tab for this song i wanna play it soo bad thank you for giving me this tune it has made my life so much better i keep it on my PSP at all times and cds and ipod etc etc. u see i am now a fan of yours ;) ha ha thanks keep up the good work
~kloana *still playing SSMRPG ;)*


Great song! The remix was pretty damn awesome! 5/5 and 10/10! Don't worry, you deserve it!

Thank you :)

You know, I love SMRPG. All-time favorite classic. And this is one of the best damned songs I know. But, I've heard a lot of them and a lot are also great.

But why am I thanking you? Because among them all, yours is the only one that put an awesome image into my mind. And with that thought. I will model a seen of the Forest maze in 3D with Geno :) Thank you for the inspiration!

two things two say

first of all i would give 1000/1000 if you could and second i'll give you 10/10 because i like it alot and just to say i hated this level a lot it was about 15 to 19 days in a row to try to beat this level impossible right well except for people who are good at super mario rpg and this the first mario game i played so it brings good memories