Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"


I came.


where can i play smrpg?

I'm always reminded of Rawest Forest.

This has to be one of the catchiest songs on SMRPG. I'm pretty much singing along with 'Rawest Forest' when I listen to this.

You should check it out, it's on the top 50.

Well this song is going on my Ipod

But i have never heard a game called Mario RPG what is that and whats it about but this is a good song i like ALL kinds of Video game music almost this is one of my Favs on NG but i have never heard of mario rpg and who the hell is Geno? but anyway good song

P.S. if you have any idea what is mario RPG or who is gene then msg me!

Hahaha! Nice!

Just great! Brings me back to seeing geno appear, and then having my arse summarily whipped, but not killed, by the fearsome bowyer. Good job dude.