Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"

Listen its fine, all of them are fine.

But I swar to god, if i hear one more damn Geno's Forest Remix, i'm going to stab quetips into my ears. I mean really? Ok I get it, people miss the Geno, I get it, I played that part, but really? There are about 20 mixes, and your sounds "decent" but really, its getting a bit repetitive already. Sorry for the 6. I had to do it.

Well this song is going on my Ipod

But i have never heard a game called Mario RPG what is that and whats it about but this is a good song i like ALL kinds of Video game music almost this is one of my Favs on NG but i have never heard of mario rpg and who the hell is Geno? but anyway good song

P.S. if you have any idea what is mario RPG or who is gene then msg me!

I like how it loops

Good remake.

You can only hear SO many remixes of this...

Like you said, it's pretty basic stuff. It's good, even great, or awesome! It's just...to me...not EPIC. That doesn't mean it's bad, I still love listening to this!


cant talk, u melted my face off with AWESOMENESS