Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"


i like it its techno the whay it should be. miss me mother fuckers thats why im awesome thats from bowsers kingdom to bad its dead now because he ended the sereise

Greatly done!

I can understand why this has been used in so many entries, as it is quite good. I KNEW I had heard this music from somewhere else and no I realize I first heard it from the "Zwill" game. Now of course, I've recognized it more for what it was supposed to be. It's always great to hear someone take an already great song and add more to it. While not one of my favorites, it's one of your better ones. You may not be the most prolific audio guy here, but you've submitted some really good work.


This IS WIN!!!

this song kicks ass

i like how it just fits right in to the looping sequence

this is fun

I just love finding songs I can play so that I can weigh harder on them

great job I know how hard this song is to play at this pace lol
hooray for "Beware the Forest Mushrooms"
keep doing a great job but I think the guitar sat to long on notes near the end
7/10 5/5