Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"

Greatly done

It's really good

Better than the original


Love the remix to this song, the original was great but this is even better, brings back a lot of memories from playing Super Mario RPG back in the day.


Don't like the Original Forest Maze but this is awesome! Not many songs catch my attention, but this has succeded!

Nicely done

This was a pretty cool remix of the Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG you made,the fast pace was great and all the sound effects went together very well,overall you did a great job on this remix even if it was pretty basic so you say.

Not My Favorite

It's not my favorite remix. The beginning really needed more depth than the melody line and I was about to turn it off before I decided to skip to the end. Thankfully, there is *does* have some good backing but the intro and hook were lacking in that I didn't feel like sticking around