Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"


My subject is what I would call this song. Because when I listen to it, I can imagine Geno owning the baddies!

im so glad

im glad those one dudes made the lyrics for this song


brings back FRUSTRATING memories. HATED THAT LEVEL!!! But Great Job


Love it man!

Undeniably Cool

SMRPG is a game I was only able to play in 2008 onwards (with it not being released outside U.S. and Japan, etc.) but to this day it remains one of my absolute favourite games, while the forest maze is one of my favourite vg songs. This remix is very well done, it's catchy, its not poorly made and it manages to still keep the same tune of the original song while making it even more awesome. Great work mate, I give you a full score on this. You deserve it!