Reviews for "SMRPG - Forest Maze"

Thank you :)

You know, I love SMRPG. All-time favorite classic. And this is one of the best damned songs I know. But, I've heard a lot of them and a lot are also great.

But why am I thanking you? Because among them all, yours is the only one that put an awesome image into my mind. And with that thought. I will model a seen of the Forest maze in 3D with Geno :) Thank you for the inspiration!


Very Uber


ALL HALE THE GREAT AND POWERFUL GENO SONG...ok u don't have to lol, but awesome job on this song dude i like header the song maybe like 10 million times...o right...I'M AM NOT WORTHY TO THE SONG...

CaN Yu Just ImaginE The RockinG Mushroomzz??¿

Great!! You Got it! Temp0 Mastä


this was my favorite song from smrpg. no mario game, however good it is, will not replace smrpg. live with it of die. jk tho