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Reviews for "please take care of this star"

First of all, congrats on the huge milestone! 200 published pieces, wow...

I love the intro leading up the piano's entrance - it has such a nice, calming atmosphere to it. I can hear the stereo field slowly widening as the distant vocals play, bells chime, and finally the pad fades in. It's like a dark room being slowly lit up by a warm light. It sets the space of the piece up very well before the verse begins. The layering of synths and orchestral instruments as the verse builds up to the chorus is great. You always blend their properties together very well! There's also some great sense of text painting with the transitions between minor and major in the second verse

The chorus itself is just wonderful, very emotional and powerful in both lyrical and musical content. The double reeds particularly add so much to the feeling of it all - I definitely felt something when they came in. Having just read your news post on this piece, I can hear how much your production has improved over time. To be clear, I have never doubted your ability to compose something at this level. You've got a great creative energy in your music and it's been present even as far back as your 2014 "Oceans Wide". It feels more like over time your progress on writing and (moreso) production has allowed you to share a closer connection between the listeners and your emotional state in creating the music. I barely even remember a time where you didn't use your voice in your music anymore. I'm glad you keep pushing yourself with singing, because you create some gorgeous textures with all of your layered vocals. On a slightly critical note, I will say that the backing vocals @ 3:50 sound a bit distorted (not sure if that was just a way to push them through the busier mix) and there is also a similar buzzing @ 4:34 on the transition, which I thought was coming from the vocals. Your voice dips a bit flat at the climax @ 5:21, but the lead vocals are overall very nice. I get hit with an odd wave of nostalgia every time that first verse comes in!

Fantastic work! I'm ready for another hundred! :)

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words ;_; That is incredibly high praise.

Re: the distorted backing vocals at 3:50, I have occasionally taken to doing this since my AIM submission of last year, sursum_corda.EXFLOW_cls.PANDAEMONIUM::STORMFALL/., where distorted vocals were a common feature of Hymmnos songs from which I drew influence -- and I began applying this to some of my other songs, notably child of the woods and hallowed silence. It feels like a decent way to push them through a mix, but I grew to love that manner of doing things.

200 songs. That is quite the achievement. Im really glad that i was able to witness it, thank you for making this possible, and most of all congratulations.

As for the song, its beautiful. And also,i feel this song pretty close to my heart,because its about a topic that i went through, and thats what my music is based about. Getting outcasted and sometimes even beat up for the passion you follow, but not letting that negativity affect your dreams.

Once again, congrats, and thank you!

Congrats on 200!!
Let's TAKE CARE of this moment! :)
(not sorry)

damn! time do fly real fast, thank you for submitting 200 incredible songs for us to listen! love your voice

This is nice! I was the first to comment XD. 200 public tracks!!! WOW! Who is singing with you? Or you recorded voice octave down? The song and the lyrics are all lovely! I believe that filling Newgrounds with this music is a very good idea, because we need it. Your compositions are very good and your meanings, so easy to understand and important! You are talented and you use your talent in the right way! Make more things like that. Newgrounds needs you!

Troisnyx responds:

Octave down. ☺️ Thanks for the kind words.