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Reviews for "please take care of this star"

Love this! Awesome composition from start to finish, really well played. Amazing voice!

Never really reviewed a Troisnyx song... here goes nothing...

I must say, that introduction is bright and adventurous. The piano is very soft and mellow, and the vocals afterwards are very calm and soothing. The vocals are also very audible and very understandable. The mix between the natural and electronic instruments is quite impressive. The turnaround (I'm guessing it's a turnaround) at 2:54 was a bit sudden, but I think it was very well needed. The new section afterwards still sounds the same at first listen, but I notice it sounds brighter yet there darker sounds in the background in places. I can't really say anything much after this point, but the song as a whole brings me to tears a little bit (it isn't a bad thing, it is just that this song was jaw-dropping).

AFTER READING THE POST: I have to say that this song is indeed quite emotional, but it is very impactful. The symbolism behind this song gives me the chills a little bit, but this song does so in such an amazing way.

Overall, this song is a true work of art. Also, congrats on your 200th audio submission. One last thing I will add is that you have a very beautiful voice. :)

:) This is on par or even better than a lot of Disney fantasy film score. It's so beautiful and the lyrics are very meaningful. Congrats on the 200 mark.

200 tracks. Talk about a milestone. Congrats!

We already begin in a good note: not only you based this track on an image in the art portal, you also made it yourself and it's really good. Props for that; now, back to the music.
The beginning atmosphere is spot on and flows very nicely, then the piano starts. You did a good job with the vocals processing this time around, and took a major improvement step from Child of the Woods; frankly, this track is on a whole new level.
At 1:35 the build-up: excellently done, i was looking forward to the chord progression while listening, and i was not disappointed in the slightest =)
The main section around 2:00 is good too, stands out well in its own while being solid as well.
Now, 3:21. THAT. PART. This is where the piece shines bright: you did an extraordinary modulation here and surprised me, to say the least. You took a huge risk, because doing good modulations is really difficult, but you did it in a way that turned this piece around, and raising the standards in a way which can't be overlooked. The reprise of the build-up and main section at 4:08 is not abrupt, and that's another good note.
The vocal department now variates a bit, being more original and switching from chorus to solo voice multiple times, giving a better sense of harmony; clever choice. One thing i forgot to mention: really enjoyed the strings department, they are processed like in professional/commercial soundtracks. In fact, this song genre could have been also Cinematic rather than Miscellaneous.
The finale is great, and it ends the song with a more than good impression.

Summing up: the mix is well processed, the concept is solid and original, you made lots of clever composition choices and took a lot of risks, which led you to produce this cinematic harmony.
Probably one of the best pieces with vocals i've heard on this site since i joined in 2015. It's a 10/10, period.
After this, no one has the right to doubt your music skills ever again! Maybe somewhere in the future we could also produce a collaboration, but first i want to get better myself, we'll see.

Until then, keep making music, head high! 🎵

Pretty nice