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Reviews for "-Train to Nowhere-"

This has a really nice beat, and the samples are sliced and used really well. I wasn't sure what to expect when the song started, but ended up really enjoying it :)

Proof if proof were needed that some of the most respected artists on this site don't always make masterpieces. They are human, after all, nothing is perfect. Not to say this is bad, it's a pretty chill track, it just feels like in needs something... more to it. Like it just feels kinda empty, and I can't place my finger on what's missing. Some kind of structure is needed to make it pop a bit more. The clips from the movies do something similar to what happened in Time Machine, but it needs a bit more melody to it. A few leads to carry a tune. Of course, it being an experimental track, it doesn't necessarily mean it was to be come a fully fleshed out idea. It's called an "experiment for a reason".

I wouldn't necessarily say this landed poorly, not at all, there are definitely some people who like it, I just think it needs more to it is all. It's fairly simple and not very long. It just kinda feels a little unfinished, really. For me this is in the realms of 3-3.5/5. I like the idea, it just needs more.

Best to you, and take care!
~Zach (AlphaStorm)

ugh its not even good