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Reviews for "Any Other Way (feat. Ivy Marie)"

Pretty coolio, I’ve been wanting another Egyptian one for a bit!

Ooh you actually have a singer working for you?
Very clean mixing, nice bass, great work!

Also, can I ask you, you said once on you stream that you don't like GD that much. Why?

EDIT: You've got a good point

BoomKitty responds:

I don't like the insta-fail aspect. I like getting into the flow state of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Beat Saber, where if I miss a few notes I can still enjoy the entire song. GD requires near-perfection to beat, so the most of the time playing the game is spent failing and practicing specific sections, rather than enjoying the entire level and entire song.

Because of this, GD levels have to be short, so you don't even get to experience the whole song most of the time. This is very different from games like Beat Saber which can have long levels and still be fun.


when law of the jungle and burning sands have sex 😎😎

Love this song, what a banger. Keep up with the amazing work as always my man! <3