Reviews for "Monday Sucks!"

It's so true...

The animation is very well done... The song was even weirder! It was really bizzare, but I totally agree on the whole "Monday sucks" thing. Keep up the great work!

"If you don't succeed... Tonzura koite!"

So True

The animation style works very well with the music and you do some great unexpected things with the visuals as well. Nice work, the song was funny in and of itself but you added so much to it.

I agree

i agree with you that monday sucks but you took it about one......many steps to far.


There isn't much to find funny about this video, and it seems like that was what the creator was aiming for... because none of the other categories really stuck out.

Overall, this is just a flash movie you're recommended to watch, enjoy, and movie on. Nothing spectacular.

Funny as hell!

I don't care if the tune to this was stolen, I assume the animation is all your work, and it's funny as hell!