Reviews for "Monday Sucks!"


not too bad, but yes it is old.

Great a Stuff

To Whom It may concern I Introduced The Original Parody To Adrian If You Want To See The Original Parody Go To Http://www.steakandcheese.com Great Flash Dude

Good stuff!

I like the style of your cartoons they realy make it look good. It was all pretty smooth running and i enjoyed it lots.

Very nicely done

I don't give out nines a lot, but this movie deserved it. Original concept, its own style and superb music to go along with it (plus a basic message that can be easily endorsed by a whole lot of people, I guess). There was some blood, but it only served to introduce another unbloody, humorous element. Watch this movie and get a quick laugh - especially if it's monday! :)

To the author: 1) the background choir sure could use some more exposure (Donald + Goofy are looking all tight); 2) where did you take the music from, e.g. is it self-produced?

Monday does really SUCK

I loved Zombie Mickey at the end. good job