Reviews for "Monday Sucks!"


I also watched this movie on Monday....lol...That is so true! M-O-N-D-A-Y S-U-C-K-S

So true

This is so true to the song. Monday does sucks!
You did a great job in putting humor in monday... and i just saw this on monday! lol

Monday DOES suck

Very funny!


thats was wierd, i like the song, but i jus didn't think it would be this sick and twisted, u might want to make it a bit lower with the flash graphics, but all and all its good.......(cough....need alot of work....(cough).....

I know who made the song

Wierd Al made this song (Duh)! I remember his voice! I got all of his CD's, and parodys on my computer! He made this song! Other than that, great work!