Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

... =]

Got nothing to say really... its perfect!

*wipes tear from eye* butiful, just butiful

brilliant. kick ass. awsome. tremble in its presence. anyways, nice work, well anomated, exelent sound. super secret counsil of hate: the chipmunks, the teleytubbys, dr evil, the wicked withch of the west(or east, i acnt rember witch was crushed by the house)shredder, darth vader, the evil scull. where was megatron? i assume he was off fighting optimus prime. exlent. keep it up man. peace

So true...

This was an awesome movie! Not only becuase it exposed all the lies in the current U.S. incumbency but because it was a pieace of art. The sound was smooth, especially since you probably had to cut and snip all those sound fragments into one. Once again an awesome Flash and keep them coming.
And on the Canada bashing shit that has been going around due to this flash...wtf?! You can disagree but whatver happened to constructive criticism? By doing that immature shit it just shows that you have no other ways to cope except bitch.

Yeah :)

Thats soo true.. I like the speach, I wish sometime that dumbass Bush will say these things as they were heard on this swf file... I like it. Keep up the good work...


Dude I fucking loved that. The voice minipulation was amazing, and the funny thing is, i wouldn't doubt for one second that what happened in this video actually happens with Bush. Keep up the awesome work man.