Reviews for "Kicked in the teeth"

Good Job

I can defiantly hear the 80s influence here, keep it up with the kick ass metal!


lml (>,<) lml


Wow, this sure kicks ass! The sound quality is just great, just as if I would listen to a CD.

The riffs are amazing, too. Played very accurate and clean. I also like the drums in here, played very good, too.


nice production

bass fits nicely

nice bumble bee solo

Hail Satan

Check out my tunes plz


that ruled, big time. Keep it up, dude!

Awesome! AC/DCish?

I could be mistaken, but this sounds like AC/DC's Back in Black, with the notes backward or re-arranged. Maybe it's just the beginning playing a trick with my mind though.

Either way, sounds great. Everything I've heard from you so far sounds great. I seriously think some of this shouldn't be free to download, it's so good. Almost feel like I'm cheating ya by legally downloading it.

So I thought: why not spread it around? I'll tell others of your awesomeness.