Reviews for "Sanford"


nice pic,good job


u madefan art worthy of Krinkels himself!! great job!

That art just say something taht every1 knows...

Sanford is as fukking badass

just gonna say...

why is sanford is the best in the whole series? why, its cause he's the only one in the series who does not die, hank ,the auditor, tricky, and even demios die in the series at least once but not sanford jeebus

Rhunyc responds:

Well mighty thanks for the review, mate. I noticed you posted on the art forum and checked your shit out. Saw you left me a review, so then I figured I should at least reply. ;)

You Now What I Think

You Must Work The Movies With Krinkels Becose You Do This Stuff Werry Well

Rhunyc responds:

Ha, thanks a bunch, man. If only it could come true!