Reviews for "The Hampsta Rap"

that was pretty kool

yeah the animation was very shit but that made it funny, i thought i was very funny i feel sorry for those of you who dont keep up the only funny to certain people work.

Bachine responds:

Hah, thanks alot. Yep some people just either love it or hate it. Im glad someone sees humor in it. Now if I can only get my rating to a 3!

haha! lol

this is pretty funny

good job


Its nice...or it seemed nice to me, the way i looked at it. I saw a "ghetto hoochie" or whatever our black brothers call these annoying, stupid, slutty, fat, ugly bitches that you sometimes see on TV. You may identify them by numerous fingers pointed in the screen or at the person they are "speaking" to, as well as words and expressions such as 'Yo Mofo", "knowatimsayin", and "Imma fuck you up nigga, imma fuck you up!". They as well stick out thier big fat asses and shake them in a totally unatractive way. I guess its a way of seducing the monkey of the opposite gender. anyways, i fuckin hate them, and thats what i saw that cartoon was about. thats why i loved it. Go on, now you can call me a racist bastard...

not bad

First of all, I like the short download, it's good to watch small movies sometimes. Pretty silly flash. The hamster didn't really look like a hamster, but it's your own version of a hamster, and he was animated real nice too. The talking fast and high pitched was funny. Interesting & entertaining for its size.


im sorry but that waz awful plz try to make better ones next time plz ok?