Reviews for "The Hampsta Rap"

haha! lol

this is pretty funny

good job

What the HELL!!???

What the hell was that thing? It looked like a friggin monkey!!


OMFG , what the hell was that and i defend crakthebabyextreme hes right i mean it looks like it took efort i won dis u for that but it was like, what were u smoking? seriously tell me? i might want some.

that was pretty kool

yeah the animation was very shit but that made it funny, i thought i was very funny i feel sorry for those of you who dont keep up the only funny to certain people work.

Bachine responds:

Hah, thanks alot. Yep some people just either love it or hate it. Im glad someone sees humor in it. Now if I can only get my rating to a 3!


No. Not a three or so. A two is what I'm giving you.

Sound was poor, hardly even audible. Graphics...The "hamsters" looked like pieces of crap. No, I'm not saying that the art was crap, I'm saying it literally looked like balls of shit dancing around. TWOFEN!

Bachine responds:

Well, yes I tried to make it funny, I wanted it to look like fat peices of shit running so im glad it worked, but I guess you missed the point.