Reviews for "Jungle Sniper"


You are very talented at using a tablet! I can see you having your own television channel with your own content or your own site with content in the future. Keep using that tablet and who KNOWS what accomplishments you'll make! This was beyond belief for someone using a tablet for the FIRST TIME! I hope to see more from you and your TABLET!

teek-83 responds:

I dont know about extreme, but I've been drawing all my life so the tablet wasn't really any different. If you want to see more tablet stuff all my animation that I've posted are done with it, coz I am slack!

Ass was kicked by that.

It was not the best thing I've ever seen, but it was the best thing featuring a sniper.
That was really well drawn. The rain really added to the effect, too. The only thing wrong was that there really wasn't a plot, but it didn't really need one.
Nathan Thomas could learn from watching this. (He reads all my reviews, he's like an internet stalker, but he's Welsh, you know how "those people" are.)
Excellent job! Show everyone how it's done.


very detailed


That is some of the best work i have ever whitnessed on NG, just like the last guy, i think your art in this film is beutiful, it just fit, i liked how you used colors and not lines to make outlines and different tones and shapes, it fit just right, even though it was short, it kicked ass.

I Like you style

Dude after watching a couple of ur flashes i really like ur style short animations with amazing good amimation
ur sure to be 1 of my favourite authors
SEE my reviews for black ops see wat i think