Reviews for "Jungle Sniper"

very good

the graphics are EXCEPTIONAL, but the animation and sound arn't so amazing


sweet movie, this is the bomb. make more of these, it would be cool


i really dig your shorts .. your little movies i mean..

teek-83 responds:

Cheers man, pretty sweet that someone knows my other stuff!! Blew my mind.

Short, but sweet.

This was definitely not very long, and there wasn't much animation besides the rain. Factoring that in, this was still a really nice piece. The drawings were well done, and the rain had a nice effect. Good work!

Ass was kicked by that.

It was not the best thing I've ever seen, but it was the best thing featuring a sniper.
That was really well drawn. The rain really added to the effect, too. The only thing wrong was that there really wasn't a plot, but it didn't really need one.
Nathan Thomas could learn from watching this. (He reads all my reviews, he's like an internet stalker, but he's Welsh, you know how "those people" are.)
Excellent job! Show everyone how it's done.