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Reviews for "Dragon Eye"

Absolutely amazing

This is another amazing picture by you. This isn't one of your best, admittedly, although that surely doesn't make it a bad picture. Even when experimenting your pictures come out so well. Good job!

The colour scheme was green, and I liked that the eye was a different colour since it made it stand out a bit more and contrast with the green, giving it its own importance in the picture, which is good when considering the fact that this picture is called 'Dragon Eye'. The shading was brilliant, especially around the eye, and the texture of the scales was really, really good. These are all signs of your amazing artistic talent.

Not really much wrong with the picture itself. The way the eye is drawn makes it look like it's looking directly at you, giving the picture a menacing feel. The only small issue that I seem to find about this picture is that the shine effect on the eye looks a bit out of place. Maybe you could make it a bit less... prominent? I don't know, it's just that as it is it looks a little weird, although that may just be me.

This picture deserves all the 10's it can get, just like all of your others. Keep up the amazing work, you're definitely my favourite art creator on NG and any other artist will have to be REAL good to take your place :D. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

Not overly happy with that eye highlight myself, but gel pen was all I had on hand that would stick.

thanks for the review. :)

Another 10, as always...

I really LOVE your drawings, you have an awesome potential, all your art are realistic, and I rerally can't express how I'm amused, it's just unbeliaveble, I have nothing to say, really... This rocks!

This drawing is pretty familiar to me, it remembers me of a book called Eragon, the first page has a dragon's eye, that looks like this one, I don't know why, but I really love dragons now, I think it's because of your drawings... ;)

This one was pretty realistic, and you made the exact mix between fantasy and reality, the drawing just made me think on how people can make so beautiful pieces of art... Keep it up Echo, I love you.

(Review Request Club)

EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)

I am not surprised that it reminds you of the dragon eye in Eragon, in that a dragon eye is a dragon eye, eyes are similar like that. Unless it is a goat or octopus eye, those are just weird. :P


A really nice drawing. Even though we can only see one eye the painting offers some great details.

The scales look very good and also the "dot of light" on the eye looks very realistic.

Too bad there are some white spots left on the canvas here and there, but I guess this is because of the material you worked with.

{ Review Request Club }

EchoRun responds:

Yeah, the white spots were annoying, though I managed to fix them - after you pointed them out that is.

Thank you for the review. :)


I absolutely writing about 4 paragraphs of text in a review and then having the entire thing deleted because my piece of shit computer clicks of the screen for some reason, I push the backspace button, and it backs the page up. All my text is deleted and I'll apologize that you won't be getting the same well thought out review that you were going to get from me, but I just don't have the desire to write it all again...

So yeah... It's strange that you can make something so dangerous look so calm and peaceful at the same time. Just from the eye alone I can tell that this beast could tear you apart if it wanted, but it just wouldn't do it for the hell of it. You give it a very calm and human like presence.

I absolutely love the colors used here. The color of green and red really compliment each other well. Like always though I try to find at least one thing to critique and that would be how white the spec in the eye is. I feel that it would be a lot more transparent then it actually was. I don't know how you would do that when you were doing these things by hand, but it's something that I feel would have helped.

~ Review Request Club ~

EchoRun responds:

Ah, I hate losing a big wad of text like that, so frustrating. Did that with a page and a half document before - I am seldom tempted to to batter my computer but I came close then!

I am in a phase of experimenting with colours atm - different combinations and effects, that sort of thing. A slow process, but interesting. Contrasts are fun but I am trying harder and harder to get them to work better. A good Contrast mix is surprisingly tricky.

I am glad you got different layers of expression in this - calm yet savage. I hate 'flat' characters. I want them to be interesting and varied, and if I can convey that, brilliant.

Review Request Club

Ohmyjeez, this is awesome. Feel like requesting reviews for you art every week for the RRC? 'Cause this is the kind of stuff I really don't mind reviewing, at all xD

The amount of detail here is, again, amazing. The fact that each scale has a slightly different group of colours, it even looks like there's a few blues in there with the scales which really works, surprisingly enough. Even though the whole picture would probably be a huge size if 6x8 is the size of one eye, I'd really love to see what the entire dragon would look like, because I think if anyone on NG could draw it, it'd probably be you.

To find anything at all to be critical about, I'd say the eye could maybe use some more detail. You've got so much depth with the scales, and then parts of the eye seem pretty flat. And you've got the circle of light, and it almost seems too white, of itself and definitely in relation to the rest of the piece. I'd say it's the only vaguely unnatural-feeling thing, whereas you've made the dragon itself look quite natural, which is definitely an awesome feat. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

The scan really failed for the eye itself I am afraid. The original has subtle shading differences, hints of orange too, that just got lost in the scan. I was quite annoyed about that really.

I think I will do a large dragon soon ish - I have some big canvases at home and know where to get bigger ones for a tenner, it would be nice to either fill one to sell or put up on my wall. I have so many sketches on my wall but that are all so old, I would be good for me to have something new up I think.