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Reviews for "Dragon Eye"

(=<Review Request Club>=)

Nice one! you really like dragons :p and you draw them very well. I realy like it, i can see that you put a lot of effort in it, especially in the parts that are not the eyes, you used a lot of colors. I think that the eye it self is awesome but the best part is the rest.
Anyway i know that is "Dragon Eye" but maybe drawing a face with this detail would be really better.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards and sorry for my english (my native language is spanish),
(=<Review Request Club>=)

EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)

Yep, dragons are my thing all right.

Your English is fine BTW. :D

Absolutely amazing

This is another amazing picture by you. This isn't one of your best, admittedly, although that surely doesn't make it a bad picture. Even when experimenting your pictures come out so well. Good job!

The colour scheme was green, and I liked that the eye was a different colour since it made it stand out a bit more and contrast with the green, giving it its own importance in the picture, which is good when considering the fact that this picture is called 'Dragon Eye'. The shading was brilliant, especially around the eye, and the texture of the scales was really, really good. These are all signs of your amazing artistic talent.

Not really much wrong with the picture itself. The way the eye is drawn makes it look like it's looking directly at you, giving the picture a menacing feel. The only small issue that I seem to find about this picture is that the shine effect on the eye looks a bit out of place. Maybe you could make it a bit less... prominent? I don't know, it's just that as it is it looks a little weird, although that may just be me.

This picture deserves all the 10's it can get, just like all of your others. Keep up the amazing work, you're definitely my favourite art creator on NG and any other artist will have to be REAL good to take your place :D. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

Not overly happy with that eye highlight myself, but gel pen was all I had on hand that would stick.

thanks for the review. :)

Very nice

Wow this is like just looking right at ya, this is an awsome "EYE"
shot and you also had some really nice skin texture on the greem parts, its really detailed and nice job indeed, you should make more like this maybe more full body portions aswell, anyways keep up the good work

more full body styles would be nice aswell as a mixture of some reds in there