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Reviews for "Super Mario RPG: Happy RPG"

So sugary sweet...

... I think you just gave me diabetes but in a good a way.

Well done, very happy and upbeat. Why this game hasn't been released on virtual console is beyond me. I miss this game with all its awesome music, thanks for letting me relive some of that though.


Yaaay Super Mario RPG =D
I realy like this 10/10 =D
Keep it up!


...even though I've never played this RPG. like the people below me it just makes me want to dance! anyway, it sounds like you remixed this well, yet still staying within the 16-bit music style. gggrrreat job!
---The Fair Reviewer---


so upbeat it made me do a dance. i want to hear more from you

cool remix

it wiould be pretty hard to do a good remix of the already upbeat opening but i think you did good.