Reviews for "As The Sun Rises (Loop Ver.)"

i've never heard of a laidback trance before

or at least one that actually was nice and calming like this one


wow. this was a really good song that helped me a lot since i get stressed at holidays. im glad that people could make something that is danceable to but tat the same time i could sleep to it. its like this song was made by someone to relaz people, but then halfway thru someone else made it for dancing

wicked song

great song and id love to here more of this type of music

A-New-Decade responds:

I'm glad you like it man

A great song!!!!!

This is a great song!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

A-New-Decade responds:

Thanks, I will

This is beautiful!

Not your best work, but VERY good anyway!

A-New-Decade responds: