Reviews for "As The Sun Rises (Loop Ver.)"


I was listening to this for 30-40 minutes straight now. Never get tiring. :)

Thanks a-new-decade!


this was cool

this was pretty down right bad ass i am so putting this on my IPod... unless you do not want me to thats cool but still this is awesome

Sounds Amazing!

Only real thing I see, is that around 30 seconds, you made the beating a bit louder which threw me off the serenity of it. Of course that quickly ended.

The overall flow of the song was amazing, I could feel the adrinaline raise as I heard this mix. Not quite sure how people saw this as really "Soothing" however to each their own I suppose. Well, I guess it switched between soothing and dance throughout ;D

One this I was impressed with was how you looped it so well. I found that quite rad.

I also like how it wasn't as redundant as other trance mixes are. It always had something fresh to keep you intrested.

Overall I liked this mix. I think i'll fave it! =D Good luck with your others!

Matt P.

10/10 5/5

4.40 / 5.00 (+ 0.0027) Meh... I tried...


simply lovely =3


good job, nice loop to mix in with a technosong, added to my favs for possibily next game! :3