Reviews for "bite your rhymes"


if retarded animal babies wasnt submitted today i bet youd get daily feature

Vermspiracy responds:

yeah. bummer.. oh well maybe I'll shoot for underdog of the week

wot is that song?

yo dude wot is that song and where can i get it cuz it rocked!!!!!

Vermspiracy responds:

well.. like the title of the swf the song is called Bite Your Rhymes, by Mindless self indulgance. I heard the song a year ago and Loved it so one night while I was walking home listening to it I scripted out a music video in my head .. (like you needed all that info huh?)



MY GOD!!!!!!!

My gos this is good. Send me the music!

very kickarse

got a very cool style,& MSI is always an automatic win.