Reviews for "Freedom is a step away"

quite good

am i the only person who thinks this song should be in the end of I Am Legend or nearly every ending scene in a movie where the camera just zooms out from one location and somebody is giving some kind of speech


Good work. That slower bit in the middle, 2:40 or something, it dragged on for juuuuuust a little. Otherwise, good. I love this sort of sound; epic, uplifting, cinematic, I guess you could call it. 8.5/10.


Nice song.

The sing that Iamnoir sed... its kinda right when you think about it...


This sounds like something you would hear in a fantastic movie.... It's just that good... just.. Wow.


its weird
no other song has ever given me such an explicit image in my head as this one:
I see a lone man standing up to the corrupt government and getting beat down until others join him and march on a large capital building and restore a just government