Reviews for "Freedom is a step away"

Great work as always

This is a great piece of music. The use of vocals was even better than in "for the last time," and the timing of the softer melodies along with them makes them even more effective. I have to say that your music is some of the best on newgrounds, and it keeps getting better. Keep it up!

Inspirational and soothing!

It is a beautiful. I can't describe it so well. I will try my best though. Trust me, I am writing this while I hear the music. And this is probably my favorite song here. Great job, it easily gets a 10/10 5/5.

Don't stop, more classics. =D
Now it is the end of the song, and just so beautiful. Sorry for such a bad review. But I tried. BEST music. Inspiring. I can't stop. Keep it up!
<3 Classical

Extraordinary Music

Haunting and powerfull, this is probably the best classical song I've heard on Newgrounds. The choir is absolutely superb, and the melody is beautiful and haunting. Excellent work throughout, this is an instant favourite.

madboss responds:

Wow... thank you very much for your absolutely positiv review. I'm glad that you've found it this good.

Crescendo of music!

Awe-inspiring music. Great ebb and flow that bring out the details into full light. Great song

Definetly not aardvarticus, but awesome anyway

Extremely good song there, well done. You can has cheeseburger...