Reviews for "Freedom is a step away"


Erm, wow? I'm actually speachless at the moment. To be honest this is the better version to 'For the last time' Even though both of them are at a epic proportion. A grand job! Keep it up. I'm going to look at more of your work!

Take it easy

madboss responds:

Thanks a lot for you'r interest and writing this review!

Brilliant, epic as usual :)

Hey Madboss! Sorry for the super late review man! Energy and time are both things that simply did not reform in mah brain.

I love these epic works, though they sound quite similar to the other files, I am hoping that later on *at the first minute mark right now*, it will change directions!

god bless your choirs. I just can't get enough of em, again similar melody, yet my ability to care is severely hindered.

You know what, this song should be used for the Wolf Team lounge music instead of what they have, this speaks volumes and volumes more then what they have.

I can't quite figure out what style this reminds me of. John Williams'ish? It's got Hans' epic flair, and Danny Elfman's melodic styles for the celesta/glocken? like segment.

Nice epic end again. You can make an entire small album out of this tune, it's brilliant. With all that said, I still have no words of advice for you. I will of course, come back to enjoy all the collection again.

Keep up the damn good fight! I hope to hear more from you again! Let me know when you do!

madboss responds:

Thank you maestro to hopping by - and sorry for the ultra-late response. I'm suffering under tha same circumstances that you do...

I know that I'm doing a bit too much epic stuff and there is not too much variety - I try to change it in the future. You know always I sit down to my keyboard to create a melody I always find myself playing a slow noble and epic melody with a slight dramatic and sad edge... To be honest I like these tunes and I like to be an epic-music composer - altough I know it's a mistake to stuck in one mood. (And it was me who was saying that a music composer must try himself in different moods and styles...)

I don't want to be similar to any film-composer altough I can't avoid to be close to Hans Zimmer's epic music - he's an idol for me in a way (but it starts to bother me that he's doing his job with a lot of co-composers...) - I always imagine a story and try to give a musical background for it.

Thanks for your review and your kind words. Your reviews mean a lot for me.


Yeah I always imagined a holy warrior, surrounded by blindning light, fighting in slow motion when I listened to that part of For the last time... And it's even better in this one. Awesome song, as always, but the bell part in the middle didn't quite grab my attention, plus there's some random panning in the first main part which is weird. But you managed a decent quality this time.
P.s.: Perhaps you could use less attack for the temple bells.

madboss responds:

Hy Skragga! I'm glad that you liked my song - well at least most part of it. I thought a peacefull part in the middle would sound good... well maybe I was wrong. The panning you mention is strange. I think you mention the first half where the drums are joining the song. Probably the mastering suite made these changes because I havent even touched the panning knob with my mouse. And thanks the idea about the bells - I'll try it in another song.
Thanks for your review and the ponts!

Not bad.

I could see people using this at a 'redemption' scene in a flash movie. I know I would at the right moment. I like the transition into something more peaceful after the halfway point, and then back again at the end. Nice one.

madboss responds:

Thanks a lot for your review - this song was ment to support scenes like you mentioned. I'm glad you liked this song!