Reviews for "Freedom is a step away"

nothing less than a ten

good work

Hot Damn

That was PERFECT. Had to be the greatest piece of music i have heard on newgrounds since... A long time ago. I am inspired to make a flash now, involving this song. Probably wont happen though XD
Good job

I am Stunned.

Well, I have listened to 2 min of this, and it is absolutly wonderful. Not anything you'd expect in something made from computer programs and stuff. My only idea for the climax in the begining is add some tympani rolls, its too awesome to not have that. I could hear it in my head, took me a while to realize that it wasnt in the score. During your last min of the score, i'd recomend adding some bass strings. I love the choir pieces, I love this all in general. Its very well written, and I'm half expecting it to be in a movie somewhere. Wow.


I just heard this song off of anamnesis I meant to check this song out a few years back but i just now got to it and man this song has that aura of a praising and beholding i will give u the most credit of any good song on newgrounds there is no problems or flaws with ur music here and i will always be here on NG ^.^ everything by everyone we will still be here forever

Well Done!

This is a work of art. I love the patches you've used for everything - it actually sounds like a live orchestra... I have to ask, are you using Reason or another program? I'm just asking because the patches sound familiar, and I use Reason as well. If that's the case, it would be awesome to know where you got the vocal (and chimes - I can't seem to find chimes) patches...

Anyways, there's only one thing that kept me from giving this a ten. Right around the minute and a half mark, things get a bit muddled. Everything seems to just get lost in a sea of indistinction - it makes each individual part sound dulled. I would suggest playing with the equalizer and maybe playing with the panning a bit there, too. I'm not saying you should get rid of anything, just that it needs to be a bit clearer right in the center there.

Other than that, my only issue with it is the quality of the sound - I overlooked that in my rating, however. That's just because I'm aware of how audio files sometimes just do that to you, but if you fixed that, it might greatly benefit the piece.

Awesome job - I might even potentially use this in an upcoming flash submission, if it's cool with you... It may be a 9/10 on the surface, but underneath the little bit of confusion in the middle, this song is a 10/10 at heart.
5/5 and DL. Just great.

madboss responds:

Thanks for the comment! Yes I'm using Reason too - the chymes was actually glockensipel 3.0. The vocal are from a different refill not a default soundbank - I don't know the name correct name right know. If you are willing to know it at all cost send me a PM and I'll write it back.

I know that both the EQ-ing and the panning needs a lot work to do. To be honest I think there's no panning in the track at all... and I know that it's a problem.

Ok, no problem if you are using the track - let me know if you are ready with it!