Reviews for "DBZ - A Majin Easter"

OMG, u should of added boo sound effects

would be way funnier with boo sound effects and the no sound part at all was killing me, by the way the ending is soooooo spaming dude for such a crappy flash. the bunny could use some work too, but considering time and effort, at least u tried

"Buu makes you a chocolate...!"

It'd be better if you added some music to it. The visuals are interesting, though. That's a pretty cool way of drawing, in my opinion. I like the style very much. You've got a pretty good Flash 'toon here, I just really think it'd benefit from some sound. Maybe something cutesy to parallel the fact that the easter bunny gets...well, eaten.

well... it needs help

You got some potential in the drawing part... but it was simple so low score for that... no humor at all... and sound could at least made this a 4.