Reviews for "DBZ - A Majin Easter"

pretty good but........

it needs sound though. i like, though, its pretty good.


I thought it was clever hehe lol but yea it was good just i didnt like there was no sounds majin buu was drawn good. good job.


not bad,but can be mutch better.

well guess wat

all the people whocomplained and said "o look DBZ=Gay porn" o yea it's just so gay an homo erotic to see a couple of guys beat the living shit out of eachother o yea really gay, and if you didn't like then voted on it saying "DBZ=Gay porn" if you don't like dbz then don't watch it whoever said it was gay porn must be a fag to see that, well it was a good job keep it up

dudes it took him 1 hour to make this

he took less than one hour to produce this so he could at least submit on easter monday.