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Reviews for "Colossal Assault"

Amazing art. Makes me think of Monster Hunter. I know there's supposed to be an airship in Frointer G, but as it's not been localised to Europe/'Merica, I've never played it. But this picture defenitely gives me the same sense of epicness the battle with Jhen did. All in all, astounding work.

The airships remind me of the game "Hammerfight". Mattashi's music based on your art (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/536541) could fit nicely in the game as well.


I absolutely want to see all of diz kind of art all da time!!

This is absolutely AMAZING.

Like, really. >w< Wonderful job! Keep it up.
Also, this reminds me of something I had in a dream. o_o


awesome picture. i love the details. this could be used very well for an magic: the gathering card =)