Reviews for "TF2: Girl Scout"


The scout is my favorite character in Team Fortress, mainly because I have a very scouty playstyle (running around with the sawn-off, completely failing 2 hit anyone, then saying "f*ck that" and beating everyone ova the heat with the baseball bat) and this picture pretty much fits it. Good author comment, too.


Different sex TF2 classes? :DDDDD I approve. :D awwwwwesome. Rtil. Great thinking, for real! :D


Great artwork!I suggest add a littlebit improvement like adding lines so it looks like she's moving!

I like it

Pretty nice drawing. Makes me want to see more Team Fortress females from you. I really like the outfit, it just works so well, and it is a very appealing drawing overall. Colors are perfect.

Great work.

Pretty cool concept

You know, if all the characters were female I think a LOT more people (guys) would play TF2. Also I think I might have seen this concept somewhere, did you just come up with this or see something similar to this on the interwebz?

rtil responds:

well there are definitely other girl renditions of tf2 characters out there