Reviews for "[Sonic Slam] {Final} -ZERO-"

Wow, sonic?

This doesnt even sound like it's in Sonic's league, it sounds 10000x better.
The ice cap part was just like...
The eye of the hurricaine, then it burst back out =3
I give this a 100/10.

Its Caraval in Sonic III!

Wow i really like the first version of this but this one is even better!
Really liked the vocal. You are so good in letting music going over into other rythm!


This was awesome beyond belief...

So many talented artists out there...

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Fuckadoodledoo? LOL

Thanx man glad u liked it.



my friend and i are very happy 4 u kepp it up ;0


wow... this deserves a much higher score... seriously, SO much better than any other sonic remixes ive heard.